Album Review: The Paper Kites – twelvefour

twelvefourThe Paper Kites – twelvefour

Indie Rock | Americana | Synthpop


These Australian indie rockers have come a long way from the folky vibes of their debut EP. They’ve produced an intriguing concept album around the idea that you are at your most creative between the hours of Twelve and Four, with each song being worked on strictly within that short, late night time frame. There may be something to it as this hazy, haunting album is steeped in both melancholy and optimism. The songs are likable, relatable and superbly well written. The opening track ‘Electric Indigo’ warms the soul and ‘Neon Crimson’, which harks back to their folk days, is a stunningly heartbreaking acoustic number.

The only problem with this album is the timing of it’s release means that I can’t help but compare it to last year’s landmark album Lost in a Dream by The War On Drugs. Lost in a Dream has the same vibe that The Paper Kites have created here, but it was more diverse, more expansive, more engaging and just generally better. Don’t get me wrong, twelvefour still has it’s standout moments such as the hint of harmonica in ‘I’m Lying To You Cause I’m Lost’ and the arresting guitar flourishes on ‘Woke Up From a Dream’, but as a whole there just isn’t as much going on. Despite the stiff competition from their American counterparts The Paper Kites have brought out a fantastic album and they have made something beautiful that they should be proud of.