Album Review: Steve Perry – Traces

steve perrySteve Perry – Traces



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Top Tracks: TesseracT – Juno

Though indie and folk usually make up most of the site, there are times we crave something a bit more ambitious and imposing. What better way to fulfil that need than with the latest single from TesseracT. Taken from their acclaimed new album Sonder, ‘Juno’ shows the bands incredible aptitude for both immense earth-shaking riffs and intricate technical wizardry. Daniel Tompkins’ vocals really shine here, weaving wonderful melodies into the track while still maintaining just enough aggression to get your blood pumping. Having the band stood beside raging suns in the accompanying video is the perfect metaphor to capture the scale and power of ‘Juno’. This track really stands out as some of their best work to date, and with this latest record the band have ascended to become one of the foremost progressive acts in the world right now.

Spotlight!: Jessie Munro

jessie munroThey say that necessity is the mother of invention, but when it comes to music it often seems like heartbreak is the mother of creativity. That familiar torrent of hurt, anger and confusion has given rise to some of the most moving pieces of music over the years, and offered an intimate glimpse into the artists behind them. The mark of heartbreak is clearly felt on the debut EP from Canadian artist Jessie Munro. On My Own feels connected in a way that few EPs ever really manage, proving to be greater than the sum of its parts. ‘If Your Eyes Could Talk’ has hints of Lianne La Havas, while the vintage groove of ‘Under Fire’ offers an upbeat twist on heartache that reminds me of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. The simple but powerful riffs bring a real edge to ‘I’d Like To’, while the stripped back jazz intro of ‘Patiently I Wait’ soon gives way to an emphatic climax that ends the release on a high. What all these songs have in common is a clear focus on honest and meaningful lyricism, and the most wonderfully expressive and memorable bass you will hear all year. Jessie’s music is an enticing cocktail, mixing equal measures of the golden age of singer songwriters, classic soul and jazz, and contemporary R&B.

Fans of Lianna La Havas, Samm Henshaw and Arlissa should check out Jessie Munro’s devut EP On My Own

Top Tracks: Layer Cake – Keep Me Awake

They say that not only good things take time, but they also come in small packages. Every rule has exceptions however, and sometimes good things happen can happen all at once. Recorded in just one take, ‘Keep Me Awake’ is a fine example. The part about small packages though, does still ring true here. This new single from Australian band Layer Cake packs all the bright riffs, infectious melodies and driving rhythm you’d expect from a first class indie hit, and concentrates it into just a couple of minutes, like a dense neutron star of indie rock splendour. The track conveys such energy and urgency that you soon find yourself under its spell, drawn in by a vibrant and animated aura that just excels in exuding positivity at every opportunity.

Top Tracks: Curtsy – A Better Pet

When it comes down to it, loving someone is giving them the power to break you and then trusting them not to. Letting someone in, showing a side of yourself that’s seldom seen. To be entirely vulnerable around a certain someone, and having faith that they will still love you just the same, can be a daunting prospect. It’s a risk you have to take however to know the joy of being with someone who knows you better than you know yourself, someone you can be completely open and free around. This lush new indie pop track from Curtsy follows that same feeling of apprehension of taking things to the next level, and all that comes with it, but ultimately taking the plunge anyway. ‘A Better Pet’ is a song to help cut away at the insecurities holding you back, and encourage you instead to follow your heart.