Live Review: Arcade Fire, The Baths Hall Scunthorpe, 7th June 2017

AF2When I first heard the rumour that Arcade Fire would be playing The Baths Hall, a charming little local venue that sadly sees few bands making an appearance, I remember saying that I thought there was more chance of me backflipping over the venue than one of the biggest bands of the 21st century playing there. After swiftly eating my words and queueing up in the rain from 4:30am to be certain of being a part of the intimate audience, I felt euphoric to the point that I might actually have been able to make that flip (after all, it seems miracles do happen). So gather round one and all, as I regale you with the legendary tale of one of the most unique and noteworthy gigs in the calendar, and the best thing to happen to Scunny since… well, ever!  Continue reading

Live Review: Ophelia, The Greystones Sheffield, 7th May 2017

opheliaMighty oaks from little acorns grow, and likewise all great acts have to start somewhere. Belwood is all about supporting new music, and transatlantic duo Samuel Taylor and Rebecca Van Cleave are one of the most exciting musical projects the site has supported thus far. Blending classic Americana with modern English folk, and with plenty of addictive indie pop hooks for good measure, Ophelia’s music has something to offer everyone. Having just released their debut single, I caught them at their homecoming gig at the lovely Greystones in Sheffield for the final stop of their Vagabond Tour.  Continue reading

Live Review: Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles, The Leopard Doncaster, 25th Feb 2017

bbwsBelwood Music has found plenty of new favourites over the past couple of years. One act that has certainly earned a place in our hall of fame is former Bottleman Billy Bibby and his new band The Wry Smiles. Post-Catfish he has maintained his high standard of songwriting and has made an assured and promising start to his solo career. Billy was our first ever interviewee and his track ‘Are You Ready?’ found its way into our top ten songs of the year. All that has been missing was the chance to see the lads in action up on stage. I caught up with them at The Leopard to see if they could keep up their high standard for the eager Yorkshire crowd.  Continue reading

Live Review: Amber Run, The Plug Sheffield, 18th Feb 2017


Photo by Lewis Marchant

There are some concerts that we simply go to on a whim, some that we have planned for ages in advance, and every so often a band comes along that you would drop everything to go and see. Having missed out twice already on seeing Amber Run, seeing the lads up-close and in their element was already long overdue. They have long been my white whale, the one that got away. However, with their new album For A Moment, I  Was Lost surpassing all expectations and launching headlong into contention for album of the year, there was no power in heaven or Earth that would stop me from catching them on their latest UK tour. I made my way to their gig in Sheffield for what was sure to be a night to remember.  Continue reading

Live Review: Keaton Henson, London Palladium, 18th Nov 2016

dscn0475Concerts are naturally a very thrilling and special thing, but every so often one comes along that feels like the most important thing in the world. Seeing the acclaimed yet reclusive singer/songwriter Keaton Henson at the London Palladium felt like the most significant concert I have ever been to. Despite his immense talents ranging from folk, electronic and classical music, and even art and poetry, Keaton rarely performs live due to his crippling anxiety. Thankfully for me and the rest of his adoring fans he decided to face his own personal hell, a fully sold out London Palladium, to produce a truly unforgettable night. Continue reading

Live Review: Foy Vance, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, 12th Nov 2016

fv2It’s been a great year to be a Foy Vance fan. He released his incredible new album The Wild Swan earlier in the year after signing to his dear friend Ed Sheeran’s record label Gingerbread Man Records. His track ‘Coco’ has been getting heavy airplay on BBC Radio 2 and the music video for ‘She Burns’ featuring Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars fame has been getting a fair bit of attention too. 2016 also saw him gathering new fans performing in front of ever larger crowds supporting the one and only Elton John on tour. Even though I have seen him live twice already I naturally leapt at the chance to see Foy in action in Leeds as part of his Wild Swan world tour.  Continue reading

Live Review: Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, O2 Academy Leeds, 10th Nov 2016

nr2When Colorado based singer/songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff made the bold move to hang up his life as a folk troubadour and instead decided to forge a new path in the form of old school rhythm & blues, I doubt he saw the success waiting for him on the horizon. With his eponymous debut album with his new backing band The Night Sweats he became one of the biggest breakthrough acts of 2015. With his infectiously fun and soulful performances he has been wowing audiences at some of the biggest festivals, appearing on some of the most popular tv shows and winning fans on both sides of the Atlantic. I caught him at the O2 Academy to see the main man in action.  Continue reading

Live Review: Alex Hedley, The Troubadour London, 30th Aug 2016

alex hedleyThanks to a gracious invitation from Cyber Nomad Records I found myself at the historic Troubadour in Earl’s Court, which over the years has hosted sets from everyone from Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix, to see the up-and-coming singer/songwriter Alex Hedley. Emerging from acclaimed indie folk four piece Saturday Sun, Alex has now embarked on a solo adventure and has recently released his debut EP Shadow Lake. With a dark, complex and ambitious folk style similar to Eaves, one of Belwood’s most celebrated artists, expectations were high for his intimate performance at this iconic venue. Continue reading

Live Review: Barn on the Farm Festival 2016

001.JPGFor one brief golden weekend this gorgeous little patch of English countryside undoubtedly holds the title of the happiest place on Earth. As well as having built a reputation as one of the keenest eyes for new rising talent, Barn on the Farm above all else boasts an inescapable atmosphere of joy and togetherness. With so much in it’s favour it’s little wonder that I, along with the rest of the ever-growing Farm family, eagerly made my way back to my spiritual home for another year of incredible music and priceless memories. Continue reading

Live Review: The Lumineers, Albert Hall Manchester, 19th April 2016


With Mumford & Sons going electric, The Lumineers have wasted no time in snatching up the folk rock crown. With their latest album Cleopatra topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic the band are sitting pretty atop their new and duly deserved throne. They have come a long way since their massive hit ‘Ho Hey’ and their rapid rise shows no sign of slowing. But topping the charts is one thing, taking that album out on the road is another. I caught them at Manchester’s Albert Hall to experience the rustic warmth of their inviting Americana first-hand. Continue reading