Album Review: Alvvays – Antisocialites

a2895102279_10Alvvays – Antisocialites

Indie Pop | Dream Pop


In Alvvay’s new release, Antisocialites, fans of the band’s first album find what they are looking for: a continuation and expansion of Alvvays’ style and aesthetic. The new album stands as a dreamy work; a fantastic post break-up album that is full of both dwelling and liberation.

In track one, ‘In Undertow’, we find a chanting, mesmerizing experience that draws the listener in with thick and sticky drum and bass work. It’s the happiest-sounding manic warning of impending dire circumstance.

Sweet melody and melancholy, ‘Dreams Tonite’ explores the idea of past love and the agonizing dreams that sometimes follow unexpected encounters. Painfully inquisitive and sultry, “Dreams Tonite” is Antisocialites’ stand out track.

Another album highlight is ‘Your Type’. Evoking some of the same sounds as California favorite band Best Coast, it sounds like Punk’s summery, pastel kid sister trying to follow in her big sibling’s footsteps… and it works. Don’t let the sugary outer layer fool you; this track is the anthem of those of us who do not fit the mold the person we long for is looking for.

The rest of the album runs the gamut of Dream Pop sounds; in ‘Not My Baby’, we see a liberated post-break up letter; taunting with a seemingly apathetic attitude, while in ‘Hey’, we find a pop anthem that marries the 80’s sounds of Flock of Seagulls and The Bangles. The most irresistibly fun track on the album is ‘Lollipop (Ode to Jim)’, and serves as the perfect end-of-Summer car jam.

Fans of Alvvays can be excited by the work that the band has put forward in Antisocialites, which both honors their signature sounds and builds upon the foundation of the band’s capabilities as musicians. If you live somewhere warm, I recommend rolling down your windows and turning this one up.