Spotlight!: 99 Trees

99treesThis Paris based indie pop pair have given a whole new dimension to pop music with their eclectic and intelligent songwriting. With the duo’s debut EP, Multi-instrumentalist Axel Concato and Danish born singer Pia Blixen find the perfect balance between innovation and accessibility. ’21st Century’ has all the flair and positive energy of 60s surf rock, while ‘Broken‘ combines psychedelic sounds and funky bass tones with big radio-friendly hooks. ‘It’s Only Love’ brings together bright and cheerful pop with quirky hints of Yoshimi era Flaming Lips, and ‘Solid Friend’ has Bowie influences just written all over it. 99 Trees really are the best of both worlds; big addictive hooks with diverse and interesting intstrumentation. This is what pop music should sound like! Somewhere along the way we lost track of the idea that pop can be both fun and intricate, but this delightful duo have shown the ideal path. There is great potential here for them to provide just the kind of big hits that we all want and need.

Fans of MGMT, Lorde, Halsey and new Tame Impala should check out their debut EP 21st Century out 23rd June.

Top Tracks: 99 Trees – Broken

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Axel Concato, and Danish born singer Pia Blixen have joined forces for this new project under the moniker 99 Trees. ‘Broken’, from their upcoming EP 21st Century out 23rd June, is the first single from this Paris-based duo. Combining psychedelic 60s soundscapes with modern pop hooks, the track has bags of charm. It’s many quirky elements are reminiscent of everything from Bowie’s ‘Ashes To Ashes’ and Pet Sounds era Beach Boys, to Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’, albeit polished with a more contemporary radio-friendly sheen. Walking the line between experimental and accessible is no mean feat, but 99 Trees have pulled it off. ‘Broken’ is a great taste of what’s to come and leaves you wanting more from this promising pair.