Spotlight!: Afterwards


Britain and America have one almighty monopoly when it comes to modern music, hence why it’s surprising and refreshing when a great band pops up elsewhere in the world. Italian Indie band Afterwards are a perfect example. Their music creates an intricate and beautiful world of sound. The bright crisp guitars and drum flourishes that you’d expect from a top class indie band are present in spades, but they are much more than that. ‘Something New’ adds to the already complex soundscape with some 80s style synths and ‘Gloom’ features some fierce guitar work that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Iron Maiden album. The lyrics are deep and relateable and for a small band from just outside Venice, the vocals are to such a standard that they sound like they’ve been living in the UK for years. Any major label with any sense in their heads should snap them up in a heartbeat.

Their second EP ‘Rage‘ is out now and is a must for fans of Foals, Peace and all things Indie.