Top Tracks: Aphrose – Move On

They say that the best revenge you can enact against those who wronged you is simply to get up, dust yourself off, and live your best life irregardless. That is just the scene depicted in the new single ‘Move On’ from Canadian artist Aphrose. With her smooth soaring vocals and the understated instrumentation, it recalls the golden age of soul when a great voice was something that you felt as much as heard. ‘Move On’ is as much a message to the one who hurt her to say that living with their actions and seeing themselves for who they really are is punishment enough, as it is a reminder to herself, and anyone listening, that you can’t let loss, regret and anger hold you back. There’s always a chance for new life to bloom from the ashes given the proper care and nurturing, likewise there is always happiness to be found for those that learn from the past and grow as person.