Apple patents technology to disable cameras


A patent has recently been granted to Apple for new technology that allows iPhones to have their cameras disabled via infrared sensors. The action has been taken in an effort to stop concert goers taking photos and videos. Although some people are in favour of curbing the use of phones at concerts, the general consensus is that it is a heavy-handed approach and even that it is breach of the public’s rights. There is plenty of antisocial behaviour at concerts of which use of phones is one of least irritating. There are also fears about the possible misuse of the new technology as a form of censorship, such as during protests.

Apple unveils new streaming service


During a conference in San Francisco it was announced Apple Music will launch at the end of the month and will be available on all Apple devices. The system’s unique features include a 24/7 radio station hosted by former Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, A supposedly more advanced music recommendation system, a social network that allows fans to connect with artists and siri compatibility to allow voice commands. Whilst I think this new service is miles ahead of rival service Tidal, it is still behind Spotify as only Spotify offers an ad-supported free service. Work needs to be done to make sure the new Apple music and it’s features are to the highest standard if it is to live up to it’s subscription fee.