Top Tracks: Beth Crowley – The Ghost Who Is Still Alive

They say that everyone dies twice; first when they shuffle off this mortal coil, and again when their name is spoken aloud for the last time. But imagine the tragic fate that would occur if the order of those endings was reversed. We are social creatures, and so much of who we are lies in the marks left on us by those we interact with, and the marks we leave on them in turn. “Does a life have any meaning, If no one knows your name?”. Nashville based singer/songwriter Beth Crowley tackles this very question with her latest single. ‘The Ghost Who Is Still Alive’ is another shining example of her singular style of literary lyricism. Inspired by the novel The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab, detailing the life of a woman cursed to live forever and be forgotten by everyone she meets, this slice of cinematic pop finds the perfect balance between haunting melancholy and impactful gravitas that such a tragic tale deserves. To never know love or friendship, to endure every hardship with no shoulder to cry on, to walk the sands for all time and leave no footprints in your wake. Such a unique and compelling spark of inspiration for a song, and one that we get to hear so beautifully realised.

Top Tracks: Beth Crowley – In The End

When it comes to romance, they say that everyone has a “type”. Knowingly or not there are certain traits that draw you in and set your heart racing. I believe the same is true when it comes to music; you’ll come across a song and something about it will tick a very specific set of boxes that you never knew you had, and before too long you’re completely under its spell. With that in mind, I learnt something about myself thanks to ‘In The End’ – I have a type. It’s revealed to me that I adore tracks which play into my love of fantasy, that paint with grand, sweeping cinematic strokes, and that thrive in the darkness and entrance you with their witchy mystique. With her new single, Nashville based singer/songwriter Beth Crowley offers all that and more. Drawing inspiration from The Witcher, it weaves the tale of a star crossed romance destined for heartbreak and tragedy, but one whose passions burn so fiercely that both parties couldn’t bear to turn away, and each welcome such destruction as a small price to pay for a shared embrace. With its pounding drums, soaring strings and Beth’s impassioned performance, ‘In The End’ makes my heart flutter like a raven’s wings. It flickers and dances like a flame and feels every bit as bewitching.