Spotlight!: Cathedral Bells

cathedral bells

Photo by Stephen Marva

One of the biggest draws of indie music is the DIY element of it. The fact that someone spent hours just experimenting with sound, embracing a creative drive to try new things, just completely absorbed by their own love of music. That same inquisitive and inventive side is self-evident within a matter of seconds when listening to the debut EP from Cathedral Bells. What is less obvious is the fact that what you are hearing is nearly all the work of one man. The playful bass line of ‘A Passing Phase’, the quirky throwback synths of ‘Homebody’, the airy haze of ‘Ethereal Shadow’, the brooding post punk vibes of ‘Memory Loss’. All of these tracks, which pull influences from across various decades into an amalgamation that’s entirely its own creation, they were all made at home, built up piece by piece. You don’t need to venture much further than the opening track ‘Cemetery Surf’ and the way it packs so much content into less than two minutes to see that Cathedral Bells is a project that pushes our expectations of what just one man can do. Blending dream pop, synthpop and post punk, this is a release that will tick plenty of boxes for indie fans looking for new music to get excited about.

Fans of The Cure, The War On Drugs, The Smiths and The Paper Kites should check out Cathedral Bells’ eponymous EP out 1st February.

Top Tracks: Cathedral Bells – A Passing Phase

I can’t remember the last time I heard a song that was so calming and yet so chaotic at the same time. With this new track from Orlando based project Cathedral Bells you have hazy dream pop soundscapes and airy vocal melodies, as well as an animated post punk bass line driving the song forward alongside a frantic tortured guitar tone. Each side is simultaneously vying for your attention, while somehow blending together perfectly. Even if you were to dissect this track into its constituent parts you would still be left with a couple of great songs, but as a whole it just connects with you on so many levels. Hypnotic and hard-hitting, ‘A Passing Phase’ is far more than its namesake, making a real lasting impression, ready to rise to the occasion no matter what mood strikes you.