Are The Charts Beyond Saving?

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While not every song that graces the charts is worthy of derision, it’s no secret that the charts do very little to properly represent both music and the music industry as a whole. Songs that are just products of lazy corporate entities designed to make profits, that constantly clog up the single charts, do nothing to alleviate the age-old mentality of “modern music is rubbish, music was better back in my day!“. But why are the charts so broken and can they be fixed?  Continue reading

Stagnant Streams: How streaming killed the charts


Let’s be honest with ourselves, for as long as the charts have existed they have had to be taken with a pinch of salt. “Chart topping” music and good music rarely coincide, and any institution that gives Mr Blobby a number 1 single can’t be said to represent the best music in the country. Even so chart placings remain a source of pride for up and coming artists who rightly celebrate them as a milestone. However with the new rules in place to allow streaming figures to contribute to chart positions it could end up being the final nail in the coffin for this longstanding music institution. Continue reading

Small but Mighty: Why we need an EP chart


It should come as no surprise that the music industry is constantly changing. In my lifetime alone I’ve seen the rise and fall of downloads, the emergence of streaming services and the surprise return of vinyl. For the most part the official charts company has moved with the times and brought out special dedicated charts for streaming and vinyl, as well as counting them towards the main charts. However there is one important aspect of the modern music industry that they have thus far steered clear of: EPs. Continue reading

Prog charts introduced


The UK chart company, hot off the heels of music streaming counting towards the official charts and introducing a vinyl chart, have now introduced a Progressive Music chart. Prog Rock may not be the powerhouse genre it once was, but it is still alive and well today and this new chart is well earned recognition that is long since due. The first ever Prog chart was topped by Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’, closely followed by Muse’s ‘Drones’ and Roger Waters’ ‘Amused to Death’ reissue.