Norton’s Rule

nortonWe all need words to live by, a guiding light to show us the way. This can be something our parents have instilled in us from an early age, some words of wisdom passed on by a caring teacher, or even something that a kind stranger said in passing that struck a chord with you. And yet, sometimes words of wisdom pop up in the unlikeliest of places… in this case, Graham Norton’s commentary of the 2013 Eurovision song contest. No seriously, bear with me on this one!  Continue reading

Eurovisions of the future


Love it or hate it there’s no denying that the Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest music event in the world. Started in 1956 as a way to bring Europe together and ease post-war tensions, it is now one of the longest running and most watched broadcasts in the world with the 2016 final being watched by over 200 million people. This longstanding tradition is rapidly changing, what with performances from Justin Timberlake, the first big established star to perform in the contest’s history, and the fact that Australia nearly won despite being about as far away from Europe as you can get! What does the future hold for the competition? Continue reading