Top Tracks: John Adams – Flames

Welsh singer/songwriter John Adams is the kind of artist that you can’t help but root for. Part of that is down to the fact that he’s worked his way up from busking, his years of hard graft playing a key part in making him the artist he is today. But even without any back story, his new single ‘Flames’ is more than enough to win you over. Taken from his new EP No White Lies out 8th February, this soulful breakup ballad carries that rare universal appeal that most artists can only dream of, thanks in no small part to John having the kind of voice that just melts your heart. The simple but effective video further adds to the song’s charm, showing the threads that unite us getting more and more tangled over time, and in the end leaving us trapped in a web of our own making.

Top Tracks: Kate Dineen – Flames

Sometimes a song leaves you with an enduring image or vibe that often has no obvious connection whatsoever. This new single from Dublin based singer/songwriter Kate Dineen, with its sparse folk arrangement and its raw and honest lyricism, leaves me picturing late nights and red wine. That’s a far cry however from the track’s striking music video, complete with overgrown ruins and molotov cocktails. Her first new track since last year’s acclaimed Great Escape EP, there’s something remarkably mature and refined about ‘Flames’ that defies what you’d expect of an artist still in the early stages of their career. There’s some indescribable quality to Kate Dineen’s music that is rare to find in up-and-coming artists, like there’s some sixth sense telling me that there’s something special just over the horizon.