Top Ten EPs of 2018

top ten epsThese lists aren’t final until they are up on the site to give a chance to those November and December releases that often get forgotten. That said, a basic list usually gets drafted quite far in advance as a guide. This list however is the exception. It took a long time to narrow down to a top ten, and even longer to decide on the final order. It’s been an impressively consistent year for EPs across the board, but after much deliberation I’ve settled on my final rankings. Continue reading

Top Ten EPs of 2017

top ten epsWe’ve had top lists of singles and albums since the site started, but we’ve neglected an increasingly important part of the music industry: EPs. They are a chance for new artists to show the world what they are all about, and hence by looking at EPs we can see where music is headed and who might just be the next big thing. They also offer an opportunity for established artists to take a chance and explore something new without dedicating all their effort to a full album. Simply put, EPs are the lifeblood of the music industry, and here are the ones that impressed most in the past year:  Continue reading

Interview: Haunt The Woods

haunt-the-woodsWith their debut EP The Line, Cornish quartet Haunt The Woods made it immediately apparent that they are one of the most exciting new acts in the country. Combining rustic folk, imposing prog proficiency, and the raw, unbridled passion of artists such as Jeff Buckley, I’d struggle to conceive of a better combination of sounds if I tried! With a panache for pastoral vibes, an ear for detail, and a simply spine-tingling delivery, naturally I just had to chat with them about their new release:  Continue reading

Top Tracks: Haunt the Woods – Beautiful Catastrophe

It’s songs like this that sum up why Belwood Music, and music blogs in general, come to be. Because every so often you hear a piece of music so captivating that all you want to do is broadcast it to the world in the hope that it moves others the same way that it moved you. From it’s gentle folky beginnings, ‘Beautiful Catastrophe’ grows with effortless and graceful harmonies and soaring strings, before erupting into a passionate maelstrom of sweeping guitar solos and Jeff Buckley-esque vocals. There’s something so raw and honest surrounding what this Cornwall based quartet have created. With this track from their debut EP The Line, Haunt the Woods have jumped straight up to the top of my list of “ones to watch”.