Top Tracks: Brass Phantoms – Hurricane

If we think of the process of writing a song as being like cooking a delicious meal, often the greatest recipes come from blending different flavours together. Combinations that perhaps you wouldn’t have first thought would work but end up complimenting each other in unexpected ways. It’s in that contrast, in refusing to compromise and allowing two extremes to flourish alongside each other rather than compete for attention, that you can often happen upon something special. By this measure the new single from Dublin’s Brass Phantoms is a delicacy well worth sinking your teeth into. ‘Hurricane’, taken from their forthcoming debut album Holding Out For Horrors out 18th September, is a brilliant example of light and shade at work. Juxtaposing a dark and intricate post punk rhythm section, with snaking bass lines and sharp expressive drum work, against light and breezy indie riffs, soaring solos and anthemic earworm melodies, serves to ensure that both sides of the coin shine brighter than they would do alone. ‘Hurricane’ shows two styles working in tandem; the dark writhing storm clouds and low rumbling thunder, and the energetic lightning racing across the sky; to create a real force of nature.