Live Review: Keaton Henson, London Palladium, 18th Nov 2016

dscn0475Concerts are naturally a very thrilling and special thing, but every so often one comes along that feels like the most important thing in the world. Seeing the acclaimed yet reclusive singer/songwriter Keaton Henson at the London Palladium felt like the most significant concert I have ever been to. Despite his immense talents ranging from folk, electronic and classical music, and even art and poetry, Keaton rarely performs live due to his crippling anxiety. Thankfully for me and the rest of his adoring fans he decided to face his own personal hell, a fully sold out London Palladium, to produce a truly unforgettable night. Continue reading


Top Tracks: Keaton Henson – Alright

One of Britain’s best kept musical secrets has new music on the way. Championed by Zane Lowe and rightly considered in the same light as folk genius Nick Drake, Keaton Henson has released the lead single from his upcoming album Kindly Now which is released 16th September. It is a glorious return to his roots after dabbling in classical music on Romantic Works and with¬†electronica on his side project Behaving. It is another example of the transcendent beauty that we have come to expect from one of the most underrated songwriters in the world.