Spotlight!: Keeva

keevaI like fancy production and impressive musicianship as much as the next person, but they aren’t necessary to make a great song. One of the best measures of what makes a song great is whether it moves you, whether you can connect with it, and for that all you need is a message to share and to sing it out with all your heart. London based artist Keeva does just that with her debut EP. Carrying all the charm and soul of classic Motown, with all the excess stripped away to leave something more delicate and vulnerable, this wonderfully understated release is about as honest and authentic as they come. While most records are like oil paintings, building up layer by layer, this is more like a watercolour, needing only a tiny drop of colour to fill the blank space. From the sparse piano of ‘Pieces’, to the gentle fingerpicking of ‘How Do I Tell You’, the music provides the barest framework for Keeva’s soulful and sorrowful vocals. Her voice is one of the best you’ll hear in 2018, and it is given plenty of chance to shine. The EP carries a timeless feel, a break-up record for the ages, proving that sometimes less is more.

Fans of Isaac Gracie, Joni Mitchell and Amy Winehouse should check out Keeva’s debut EP Four Sad Songs and a Ballad

Top Tracks: Keeva – Whisky

Sometimes it’s the simplest music that says the most, and has the greatest power to move us. The debut single from this half Jordanian, half Irish singer/songwriter thrives on nothing more than the bare essentials. Open and vulnerable, with just her voice and the piano, ‘Whisky’ is an intimate and heartfelt break-up track about Keeva’s move to London and all the difficult decisions and changes that came with it. This soulful little number, which features a co-writing credit from Benjamin Francis Leftwich, manages to sum up a vast swirl of difficult emotions in a raw and straightforward message. With a classic vibe to it, this whisky has been aged to perfection, and carries a timeless feel that speaks to something deep within. Rarely do you find a debut single as strong as this.