2016 in Hindsight


Original photo: Joe Mabel

There are many times I wish I could have some special sixth sense to detect when amazing music is released, that way I could catch all those albums that would otherwise slip past my radar. Granted it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice for a superpower, but it’s up there! To err is human and there are bound to be a few albums that we miss that are worthy of a mention. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best music of 2016 that sadly slipped through the cracks and never found its way onto the site.  Continue reading

Leonard Cohen passes away

As if we haven’t lost enough amazing people this year it seems that 2016 has at least one more soul to take. Folk legend Leonard Cohen has passed away aged 82. Widely regarded as one of the greatest songwriters of all time, known for his dark tones, unique humour and haunting lyrics. He has left behind an immortal body of work including such songs as ‘Suzanne’, ‘Bird on the Wire’, ‘Everybody Knows’ and most notably ‘Hallelujah’ which reached a wider audience due to Jeff Buckley’s famous cover version. His death follows just weeks after the release of his 14th studio album You Want It Darker, which received universal critical acclaim and will be remembered as his final swansong. An unparalleled artist whose influence is too expansive and densely knit to ever fully unravel, his loss comes as a keen blow to many music lovers across the globe.