Top Tracks: Luke James Shaffer – Pressure

Right from the off – from the opening riff, enticing beat and that classic organ sound – singer/songwriter Luke James Shaffer makes it abundantly clear that you’re in for a good time. With vocals that remind me of James Bay, albeit with a whole lot of added soul and some of that old school rhythm and blues energy, ‘Pressure’ is just a glowing beacon of joy and positivity to light the way through whatever murky waters are troubling you. All about not sweating the small stuff and not letting the daily grind wear you down, the slick, stylish instrumentation and addictive chorus is enough to drag anyone out of the dreary day-to-day and into the warm embrace of this sublime new single. Luke’s latest effort has got ‘hit’ written all over it and is one of the most memorable and noteworthy tracks of the year thus far.