Top Tracks: Maggie McClure – Be Right Here For You

There is a right time for every song, whether it’s a somber ballad for late night reflection or a rock anthem for walking down the street in full badass mode. For those rare times where you start your day on cloud nine, and you just want to joyously dance the day away, there are tracks like this bright and bubbly little pop hit. Singer/songwriter Maggie McClure’s latest piano driven track ‘Be Right Here For You’ is so shamelessly upbeat it could practically summon the sunshine on a cloudy day. Keep this lovely little number close at hand for the perfect pick-me-up on those rainy days and monday mornings. This pure and simple perky pop is just the right dosage of that much-needed feel-good factor.

Top Tracks: Maggie McClure & Shane Henry – Christmastime Again

I know there are plenty of cynics out there that don’t want to admit it, but Christmas is just around the corner! No matter how much some people may complain, the truth is that we all love Christmas; the people, the lights, the presents, the food, and of course the music. This dynamic duo have put together an addictively catchy hit that celebrates the best Christmas music in a fabulously slick throwback 50s style. Shane Henry started out his career opening for blues legend BB King and Maggie McClure has shown off her songwriting skills by having her music appear in countless US TV shows. Their voices  are a perfect match and together this brilliant singer/songwriter team have put their skills to good use to make the most wonderful time of the year just a bit more wonderful.