Top Tracks: Maggie Szabo – Don’t Give Up

Canadian singer/songwriter Maggie Szabo is back with perhaps her most soulful and moving effort yet. ‘Don’t Give Up’, the first single from her upcoming EP Worthy, shares a  heartfelt message of understanding and compassion. Penned as an anthem for the LGBT community and those struggling to understand their place in the world, its video shares a poignant story of a transgender student attending prom. It’s the kind of track that offers a voice to those unable to raise their own, acceptance to those feeling lost and alone, and an empowering spark to those battling conformity. Maggie has outdone herself here; finding exactly the right words to say and wrapping them up in such a sweeping soulful package, to provide an uplifting opus for the forgotten and downtrodden who just want to be themselves.

Top Tracks: Maggie Szabo – Gold

This Canadian alternative pop artist is on top form with her latest single. Now based in LA, Maggie Szabo has blended together a range of styles to create an intriguing hit. The heavy blues stomp of the intro, the deliberate piano driven tempo, the soulful backing vocals, the in-your-face attitude and the overarching pop mentality bringing all the disparate elements together create something quite unlike anything else around. With ‘Gold’ being the latest in a long line of soul infused pop hits under her belt, including the brilliant ‘Tidal Waves and Hurricanes’,  it’s no surprise that she has already gathered a massive fanbase.