Interview: Mariam

mariamThis up-and-coming South London based singer/songwriter is one of the most talented spotlight artists that Belwood Music has had in a long while. The soulful storytelling present in her upcoming debut EP is the stunning result of a lot of hard work amongst London’s bustling music scene, not to mention her innate musical talent. I was lucky enough to chat to Mariam ahead of her upcoming release Heart to HeartContinue reading

Spotlight!: Mariam

mariamJudged solely on her gorgeous, silky smooth vocals Mariam is a phenomenally talented artist and certainly one to watch. However look beyond her fantastic voice and you’ll find that this South London based singer/songwriter has a lot more to offer. Songs such as her debut single ‘Be There For Me’ has all the hooks you could want for a big hit alongside meaningful lyricism and heartfelt storytelling. On tracks like the folk inspired ‘Running’ it becomes apparent that she has a way with weaving her innermost thoughts and emotions into a rich musical tapestry, creating a profoundly passionate yet accessible work of art. Musically a diverse and expansive backdrop takes the songs to new heights with all the hints of pop, folk and soul building up to create an inviting and addictive atmosphere. Here we find an artist that can create something truly beautiful that speaks to some deep down part within all of us. I doubt it will be long until Mariam is selling out venues across the country and has Jools Holland rushing to call.

Fans of Belwood favourites Samm Henshaw, Eryn Allen Kane and Rationale should check out Mariam’s debut EP Heart to Heart, which is out 4th November.