Top Tracks: Matt Blais – Set Me Free

This artful Americana artist cherry-picks all the finer points of the genre in this incredible new track. With splashes of slide guitar, bursts of blistering blues harmonica and simply fantastic gritty vocals that tell of a mis-spent youth and a life on the road, Matt Blais has pulled off a faultless song. ‘Set Me Free’ has an inescapable likeability thanks to the rich musical backdrop, the wild and rebellious vibe and Matt’s own apparent down-to-Earth nature. It’s like Neil Young’s greatest hits condensed into just a few short minutes. Looking at the video however you’ll see that Matt has something that Neil doesn’t; an air of effortless cool, wandering the desert in his shades complete with a classic car and some glorious vintage cinematography. This is roots rock at it’s finest, the perfect way to sum up what it’s all about.