Top Tracks: Kris Angelis – My Quiet

We all need a sanctuary in life, something that provides a bit of contentment, peace and fulfillment. An escape after a hectic day when the world is dragging you down. Maybe that something is a person, and simply being close to someone you hold dear is enough to make the world seem that bit brighter. Maybe it’s some place you call home, where you can just snuggle up in a blanket and weather whatever storm rages outside. Or perhaps your respite comes from the pursuit of a passion, finding solace in a hobby that lets you tune out all your worries and while away the hours doing something you love. While we’ve all built up our own unique safe havens, one thing we all share is the longing to get back to them, and the new single from Kris Angelis perfectly captures that feeling. Sometimes just the fact of knowing that your safe harbour is waiting is enough to get you through a tough day, and ‘My Quiet’ is a thankful reflection on the joy and comfort it brings. The warm welcoming melodies, sublimely sweet lyricism and Kris’ heavenly vocals serve as a welcome reminder that sometimes the little things in life can make all the difference.