Top Tracks: Katey Brooks – Never Gonna Let Her Go

It’s always nice to find a song that just blows you away with the first listen, but sometimes good things take time. Sometimes it’s like falling in love; it’s not some big flash in the pan love at first sight deal, rather it’s all in the little things. The kind of things that push you closer to falling without you realising it until it has already taken you over. I have no way of knowing what pushed me over the edge and made me love this song. Was it the understated bluesy guitar tones, the hints of Florence Welch in Katey’s voice, the old school Motown feel of the backing vocals, the underlying message of being true to yourself above all else? ‘Never Let Her Go’ is the kind of song that gets under your skin, that weaves its way into your subconscious. By the time you realise it’s there it’s too late, it already has you under its spell.