Spotlight!: Little Bribes

little bribes

Coming from such a rich musical background as Nottingham, Little Bribes have a clear idea of who they want to be. They have seamlessly blended the raw unbridled energy of punk with the melody and musicality of mainstream indie. Tracks like ‘Raggy Dolls’ are full of hot blooded aggression but still navigate through intricate riffs with ease. The band’s intensity isn’t just for the sake of it though, the music often feels very impassioned and personal. The furious ‘Deadname’ vehemently addresses feeling uncomfortable in one’s own skin and the mellow drifting ‘Cartography’ deals with self harm. For this four piece music seems all about finding the right way to express how they feel, empathise with others and finding the right words to comfort the listeners who need it. As such it’s hard not to feel a connection to the band and identify with their music.

Fans of Wolf Alice, Drenge and Slaves should check out their debut EP Obstacles.