Top Tracks: The Satellite Station – Phantom

Everyone that we meet who we welcome into our lives leaves their mark on us in some way. Some small trace of them lives in us, and we come across little reminders of them as we go about our lives. Perhaps it’s hearing their favourite song, or visiting a place you spent a lot of time together. For those closest to us, the ones we give our heart to, even the most slight of stimuli can bring them to mind, like the faintest of scents drifting by on the breeze or the soft touch of another’s hand against yours. When you lose someone you love, be it through a break-up or them passing away, you begin to feel the marks they left everywhere you turn. The suitably haunting ‘Phantom’, from singer/songwriter Travis Rue under his moniker The Satellite Station, details what it is like to be living in the shadow of someone’s memory. Having so many things that remind you of them that it feels like they never left. Trying to move on when there are reminders all around you, but at the same time not wanting to escape by forgetting them entirely. This sparse and elegant number is one that you can really empathise with, and it will live on in your memory for all the right reasons.