Top Tracks: Opia Bloom – Side By Side

The spectacular new single from Brighton based rockers Opia Bloom (fka YOUTH) is an indie fan’s dream come true. ‘Side by Side’ boasts bombastic drums, soaring riffs, the nostalgic fuzz of super 8 film, and the kind of anthemic chorus that you’ll spend half the summer belting out at the top of your lungs. Even though this track veers pretty close to perfection, the same isn’t true of lot of things in life, like the kind of rollercoaster relationship that the song describes. When you both seem to find yourselves clashing with each other, a constant push and pull where you’re as much enemies as lovers, but despite it all you’d be lost without them by your side. Even in the depths of winter I can say with some confidence that this will be the soundtrack of my summer next year.

Top Tracks: Bearstronaut – Dogs of Carnaval

In any business, identifying your brand is paramount to establishing how your audience perceives you. Bearstronaut; boasting a brand of good times, bad decisions, and great music, continue to identify who they are and what they’re here to do with their latest music video, “Dogs of Carnaval”, which we are proud to premiere here at Belwood Music. Shot entirely in black and white by Alex Enman and Dylan Law of Bottle Tree Pictures, the band grooves through the performance of the song and are caught in a whirl of quirky illustrations, created by Matt Watkins. Whimsical and nostalgic, “Dogs of Carnaval” appeals to the lovelorn looking for hidden musical treats. US readers can see Bearstronaut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, August 17th, at 11:35pm local time on ABC.

Bearstronaut’s debut album, Telecoast, can be streamed on Spotify, or purchased at

Top Tracks: Carlo Barbagallo – Any Girl’s Eyes

Belwood is proud to premiere the new video from Sicilian musician and songwriter Carlo Barbagallo. ‘Any Girl’s Eyes’, taken from his new album 9, stands at the crossroads between folk, jazz and soul, having explored a fair share of miles towards each musical horizon. With an airy melody reminiscent of Nick Drake, albeit fleshed out with an understated brass section, smatterings of soulful guitar and organ, and slick piano work, the track stands as an impressive and expansive music monument. Straddling the line between classic and contemporary, Carlo has taken a deceptively simple song and has given it a larger than life sound. Carrying the same kind of ambition and attention to detail that you’d find on Michael Kiwanuka’s acclaimed album Love & Hate, it’s easily the best R&B offering that I’ve heard thus far in 2017.

Top Tracks: Hermetic Delight – Vow

Belwood Music is proud to premiere the music video from Hermetic Delight. ‘Vow’, the title track of the French band’s latest EP, is a dark and eerie voyage through a nocturnal landscape, complete with menacing post-punk instrumentation and vocals reminiscent of Courtney Swain from art rock band Bent Knee. The new video follows each of the band members as they wind their way through the city streets; from the brightly lit hustle and bustle, to its dark and seedy underbelly. Jumping between each band member, each new turn takes them deeper into an unseen world, where the threatening tension of ‘Vow’ seems all the more potent. The song and its accompanying video work in perfect harmony to create a broody atmosphere that is hard to pull yourself out of.

Top Tracks: Marquis Malanga – Active Naive

Belwood Music is proud to premiere the new video from Swiss band Marquis Malanga. Formerly known as Kamikaze, ‘Active Naive’ is the band’s latest single under their new moniker. Combining tasteful electronica, futuristic soul and plenty of early 80s era David Bowie, the track is perfect for fans of Jungle, Algiers, Alabama Shakes and the new Childish Gambino. The trippy accompanying music video, from director Tatum Rush, is the perfect match for the funky bass and slick guitar tones. It’s rare to find a song so well suited for both chilling out, and getting the party atmosphere going. This track is just such a refreshing collection of sounds that refuses to be pinned down by labels and appeals to a wide selection of musical desires within your mind.

Top Tracks: Hayley and the Crushers – Jaywalking

There’s a lot to be said in music for charisma and character, something that Hayley and the Crushers clearly have in abundance. With their quirky debut album Jewel Case this Californian trio have created their own unique grit and glitter blend of 50s rock’n’roll with a punk attitude, like an alternate universe inspired by Marty McFly’s wild performance from Back to the Future. Belwood Music is proud to premiere the music video for the band’s latest single ‘Jaywalking’. Equal parts endearing and empowering; the charming tale of frontwoman Hayley Cain’s rush to rehearsals is an unlikely yet perfect match for the frantic drum fills and fierce, full-blooded bass line. Striking the perfect balance between style and substance, and with hints of classic Joan Jett, this slice of garage rock goodness is a sure-fire way to make your day. Get on board and embrace the crusherverse.