Top Tracks: Raina Bee and the Hive – Queen of the South

The latest video from soulful New York based singer Raina Bee, and her band the Hive, is certainly not for the faint of heart. Taken from the Stung EP (liking the ongoing theme here), ‘Queen of the South’ offers wild west mariachi vibes and jazzy vintage vocals perfect for fans of Amy Winehouse and Imelda May. If that somehow isn’t enough to win you over, then the video’s bloodthirsty quest for revenge certainly will. As well as taking girl power to whole new levels, Raina’s gory big-game hunting makes The Revenant look like a Disney film as she toys with her bandmates in the woods before brutally murdering them. Not something I’d usually condone, no matter how much they may snore on the tour bus, but you can’t deny it makes for one hell of a music video!