Spotlight!: Rebecca Raw

rebecca rawHaving sang in choirs and learned to play cello from an early age, London-based singer/songwriter Rebecca Raw channels her classical inspirations into a captivating contemporary sound. Her debut EP Deep Within maintains an emotive air of spirituality that persists throughout as she explores ethereal folk and uplifting indie pop. The EP’s signature song ‘Connection’ speaks of longing for deeper and more meaningful relationships rather than the all too often fleeting and emotionless interactions of the modern world. The acapella driven ‘Dust and Ashes’ sees Rebecca’s songwriting at it’s most curious and experimental, while ‘Freefall’ brings together modern indie pop with 80s power ballad vibes. Rebecca’s finest hour however is the aptly titled ‘Whisper Thin’, crafted around little more than a delicate piano and her own angelic vocals to produce one of the most breathtaking musical moments of the year. Rebecca Raw has produced a technically faultless and stylistically interesting first release, but far more important than that she has gifted the world with something that connects with you deep down; a quality all the more rare and precious.

Rebecca’s Deep Within EP is out now and is perfect for fans of The Glass Child, Billie Marten, The Swell Season and Julien Baker