Top Tracks: Dalia Dargazli – Shades of Green

Following on from her Sugarlows EP in March, Toronto based singer/songwriter Dalia Dargazli has released her latest stunning single ‘Shades of Green’. In many ways it is an unusual meeting between two very different worlds. Lyrically it could be an essential summer hit, full of carefree fun and chilled out vibes. Musically however this is something far grander, a mellow kaleidoscope of splendid soundscapes. A single listen feels like a peaceful flight over a boundless and breathtaking landscape. The production is immaculate and the percussion in the latter half of the track builds towards a superb close. Dalia certainly has talent beyond her years and is clearly no stranger to big ideas and memorable melodies. If there’s more music of this high standard on the way then she could well be one to watch!