Spotlight!: Simon Baum

simon baumBeing a singer/songwriter and performing in very stripped back and intimate arrangements is all about creating a sense of honesty. Sharing with the audience something personal and meaningful, baring your soul for the world to see. London based artist Simon Baum understands this role better than most. With his new EP Better he has crafted four touchingly heartfelt songs that say a lot about his character. The title track speaks of being thankful for what you have and feeling confident in one’s self, and ‘It’s All For You’ is a moving declaration of love, complete with vivid lyrical imagery. ‘Firelight’ sees Simon’s voice at it’s most vulnerable and delicate, while the incredibly moving ‘Bridges‘ shares an important message of togetherness, and about how the only way we can make the world a better place is to celebrate the things we all have in common. Simon Baum gives a modern spin to the classic 70s singer/songwriter sound of artists such as James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, producing an intimate portrait of himself within his music, albeit one that we can all see some small part of ourselves within.

Fans of Seafret, Frances, Isaac Gracie and Billie Marten should check out his new EP Better.

Top Tracks: Simon Baum – Bridges

I think we can all agree that the world is a pretty scary place right now. It’s in these dark and uncertain times that we most need a voice of reassurance and solidarity. London-based singer/songwriter Simon Baum provides just that with his new single ‘Bridges’. It shares a message of how we need to embrace the things we have in common rather than shower scorn on our differences; that the only way you can fight the hate in this world is through love. As the saying goes, ‘speak up even if your voice shakes’, and somehow the sparse folky arrangement and Simon’s fragile and vulnerable vocals give so much more meaning to the song. Equally a personal message of hope, and a plea to all of humanity to change, it is a lullaby to a scarred and divided world.