Spotlight!: Goodwood Atoms

goodwood atoms

Photo by Katrin Braga

Though the music world is dominated by the US and the UK, Canada has been growing ever closer to reaching that level. The Great White North has become a real dark horse, and it is bands such as Goodwood Atoms that are leading the charge. With their latest EP The Place they have crafted a fascinating musical voyage. Listening to it is like drifting along in the jetstream; a sense of calm while a vast and bountiful world races past you. ‘Dreaming About’ kicks off with electronic beats and swelling synths before launching into a bass driven indie rock number reminiscent of Arcade Fire. ‘Tech Know’ sees the band at their most eclectic, crafting a moving atmosphere and populating it with intricate acoustic riffs and powerful drum patterns. ‘Into The Bay’ sees Goodwood Atoms further embracing electronica and injecting an all too often cold and reserved genre with some much needed fire, while the mellow acoustic closing track ‘Place’ has hints of Fleet Foxes and early Bon Iver. The band have released one of the strongest EPs of the year, exhibiting a high standard that few full albums have even been able to match, never mind maintain it for the duration.

Goodwood Atoms new EP The Place is out 12th May, and is perfect for fans of Radiohead, Anathema, Sigur Ros and Fleet Foxes