Top Tracks: Tom Lumley – Just Like The Light

Our Spotlight star Tom Lumley is back and better than ever. Following on from his debut EP Dream City earlier in the year, he’s already at it again with his latest single. ‘Just Like The Light’ shows a whole new side to Tom, mixing in some classic blues rock elements to give his own brand of indie a more natural feel. Tom has really come into his own with this track, rocking harder and showcasing the kind of massive hooks that put even a great release like Dream City to shame. Having supported the likes of The Hunna, Coasts and The Sherlocks, and now with fresh and addictive tracks like this to his name, the next chapter in Tom’s career looks set to take him a step closer to the big leagues.

Top Tracks: Tom Lumley – Dream City

Belwood Spotlight artist Tom Lumley has unveiled the new video for his song ‘Dream City’, the title track from his debut EP. Beginning in broody black and white with footage of Tom and the band performing, spliced with scenes within the city streets, it catches you offguard with it’s occasional kaleidoscopic explosions of colour. Blending together indie and alternative rock, the track boasts a great interplay between uplifting lead lines and heavier rhythm riffs, with some superb bass lurking just beneath the surface. ‘Dream City’ is built around its memorable melodies, and its anthemic chorus is perfect for fans of Catfish and the Bottlemen. Tom has been going from strength to strength this year, and ‘Dream City’ is a great indication of the kind of festival ready hits that he is capable of.

Spotlight!: Tom Lumley

tom lumleyTreading the line between the bright, upbeat melodies of indie rock, and the dark, determined vigour of alternative rock, we find Cambridgeshire based singer/songwriter Tom Lumley. With his debut EP he has carved out his own place, and is set to make his presence known in this hectic and overcrowded scene with his latest tracks. ‘Running From Our Lives’ builds from bluesy beginnings, into the kind of vivid melodies, driving rhythms and frantic solos that put bands like Holy Holy on our radar. ‘Tonight’ has the ideal riffs to get your blood pumping, the jaunty ‘Done My Time’ plays around with a laidback, summery vibe and ‘Open Your Eyes’ features some of the finest guitar work to be found anywhere in the UK’s indie scene right now. Tom still has a way to go, but these tracks still make a damn good first impression. In Tom Lumley we find an artist with a wealth of talent just awaiting that spark, that secret ingredient that will give him the edge and make as many people as possible sit up and pay attention. We have here a  real diamond in the rough, and I for one can’t wait to see him shine.

Tom Lumley’s debut EP Dream City is out 6th April, and is ideal for fans of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Spring King, Sundara Karma and The Gaslight Anthem.