Top Tracks: The Molochs – You And Me

Any self-respecting music fan would kill for the chance to go back to the late sixties and experience the golden age of music firsthand. Rest assured however that you don’t need a time machine, all you need is the latest single from The Molochs. ‘You And Me’, taken from their upcoming album America’s Velvet Glory out 13th January, perfectly captures that sixties spirit. With the Lou Reed-esque vocals and hints of the Byrds and the Grateful Dead, this slice of psychedelic Americana brings the age of Aquarius into the modern day. Few bands can so completely capture retro styles without sounding like a rehash of old ideas, but that problem never comes close to plaguing this song. Sometimes we need to take a step back and appreciate what came before to figure out what the future needs, and somehow this throwback track ends up being the perfect solution.