Spotlight!: J.K. Matthews

jk matthewsTime was that an artist would (understandably) try to make their mark on the world with their debut album. These days however things are a bit different. A first album is something that artists now build towards. It comes after building a buzz and a following with a series of singles and EPs. Now artists try and make their mark with their first EP, which can present much more of a challenge. Instead of summing up who you are, what you do, and what you’re capable of across a dozen tracks, they’re now forced to do the same with only a handful at their disposal.

This doesn’t seem to present an issue however for Canadian singer/songwriter J.K. Matthews. On his debut EP Youth he manages to encapsulate a broad scope of influences, to bottle his multifaceted talents into just a handful of songs. ‘Thick Skin’ and ‘The Blue’ are anthemic indie tracks, bubbling with positive energy and bright melodies. ‘Fool Outta Me’ is a heavy foot-stomping blues powerhouse, the lo-fi ‘Workman’s Blues’ has all the heart of classic country, while the nostalgia driven title track reels you in with its airy take on Americana. With Youth Matthews has succinctly summed up exactly why he’s one to watch. He’s shown that no matter what path he chooses to follow it can lead to something great.

Fans of City and Colour and John Mayer should check out J.K. Matthews debut EP Youth.

Top Tracks: Avec – Youth

I think we all have a part of us that is drawn to music that incites introspection. Like how our bodies need sleep to rest and heal to keep going, so too do our minds need some care and attention. The latest single ‘Youth’ from Austrian artist Avec, taken from her debut album What If We Never Forget, is the perfect soundtrack for your own journey inward. With her affecting and unique vocals, and haunting folk soundscape, this song just seems to clear the fog from your thoughts to reveal a vast unspoiled wilderness holding a whole new world of possibilities. When you feel spent and empty, this is just the kind of song you need to offer perspective, understanding and a breath of fresh air. Add this to your playlist, give the album a few spins, do whatever you need to do to let it work it’s magic on you.