Album Review: Two Gallants – We Are Undone

Two-Gallants-We-Are-Undone---bigTwo Gallants – We Are Undone

Garage Rock


Two Gallants follow the Classic White Stripes formula for a guitar and drums blues rock duo. When you first start listening to the album all seems well, but as it progresses the cracks start to show. The slow dramatic opening of the title track and the catchy quickfire punk of ‘Incidental’ start things on a high note but from then on the songwriting is a bit inconsistent and there are certainly a few moments that make you think that the vocals could do with work too. As a whole though it is an admirable effort, they put their own unique stamp on the rock duo ideal. The album is often dark to the point of hopelessness which make the more upbeat tracks like ‘Fools Like Us’ and the aforementioned ‘Incidental’ all the more important and noticeable. ‘Heartbreakdown’ is dominated by some intriguing percussion and it’s quirkiness acts like a twinkling star on a dark night. Special mention has to be given to the album cover, which is as much a part of an album as the music itself. The simple skull mosaic on a stark white background is quite striking and enticing, one of the best album artworks I’ve seen in a while. In a way in sums up the music; you can clearly see what they’re trying to do but there are a few cracks, but in many instances it adds to the charm.