Album Review: Peace – Happy People

peacePeace – Happy People

Indie Rock | Britpop


This is an album that channels Oasis and Blur and lives in the memory (and the shadow) of 90s Britpop. It has all the same energy, the same downhearted lyrics wrapped up in the disguise of a sanguine soundtrack and sing along attitudes, yet seems to fall short. Their heart is in the right place but it just doesn’t connect. There’s no big hook, there’s no standout tracks, there are no lyrics you want to shout out from the rooftops and have tattooed across your body. In fact the lyrics are the major downfall of the album, there are times when it seems like they were written by lazy schoolchildren that are satisfied with having found something that rhymes, regardless of whether it makes sense. The instrumentation is enough to keep the album afloat but is a bit too bland to do much more than that. The songs are likable, if a bit samey, but aren’t anything ground-breaking. The band are wasting their potential trying to be someone else, if they put the work in they could make a great album but this certainly isn’t it.