Album Review: Honeyblood – Honeyblood

honeybloodHoneyblood – Honeyblood

Alternative | Grunge | Indie Rock


I was excited to find out that Honeyblood had released their debut album as they were the highlight of the recent Handmade Festival. What enticed me and caught my attention was the juxtaposition of the sweet gentle vocals and the intense instrumentation. Sadly the latter seems all but absent after they’ve been in the studio. When I saw them live the guitar growled and intricate patterns exploded from the drum kit, but here on the album the aggression is gone and instead the instruments just chug along sulkily in the background. Thankfully none of the vocal magic has been lost and Stina Tweeddale’s bright voice and snappy venomous songwriting keep the album from sinking too deep in the mire. A few little snippets of energy remain in the form of ‘Fall Forever’ and ‘Killer Bangs’ which are catchy, addictive and easily the best songs on the album. Unfortunately as they are also the first two songs on the album things go downhill pretty quickly. While this certainly isn’t the best of debuts, they certainly have the potential to pick things up for their next album. It’s most likely a case of this Glaswegian duo losing who they are in production and mixing. I know they can make some potential big hits, and I know they can wow a live audience, but they’ve unfortunately made a bad start as far as albums are concerned.