Album Review: Muse – Drones

dronesMuse – Drones

Progressive Rock | Alternative


Muse have produced some of the greatest rock songs of the 21st century and maintain a fearsome reputation as one of the best live acts in the world. Unfortunately they struggle to produce consistent albums. I had hoped that with their latest effort being a concept album that they would have finally cracked it, and in a way they have in that it is consistently their worst album. Muse, a band famous for being adventurous and over-the-top, have made an album about assassins and killing machines and have somehow made it incredibly dull. It’s still Muse so naturally it still has a few good moments, opening track ‘Dead Inside’ and the Van Halen style intro on ‘The Reapers’ being the best examples, but for the most part the album feels like a poor effort. As well as the songs being grossly uninspired and underdeveloped the central story of the album is rather vague. As I understand it the story is similar to ‘Operation Mindcrime’ by Queensryche, but even if Muse were on top form they wouldn’t have managed to live up to one of the greatest ever concept albums ever made, it was a doomed endeavour from the start. Really the pathetic album artwork, which looks like it was drawn by an immature schoolboy, perfectly sums up what a lazy effort Drones is. Muse are a talented band and I believe they have the potential to make the greatest album ever …but this sure as hell isn’t it!