Album Review: Prides – The Way Back Up

PridesPrides – The Way Back Up



Despite it’s best efforts this album is about as thrilling as the murky brown background of the album cover. This Glaswegian 3 piece are more of a vessel for a corporation than an actual band. A group of label bigwigs have clearly gathered in a boardroom somewhere and decided that a good way to make money would be to formulise the surprise success of bands like Bastille and Imagine Dragons and then add a hint of 80s retro. Thus Prides emerged, preened and polished. They’ve created an album that tries to be fun and uplifting but instead it is dull and tedious and washes over you without so much as a ripple of interest. It’s soulless and fails to connect. The circle on the album cover may well be a coffee stain as if someone gave you this cd it would best serve you as a coaster. In a parallel universe Prides may have proven to be a half decent band, but after this poor start I fear they are too far gone to recover.