Album Review: Gunship – Gunship

gunshipGunship – Gunship

Synthpop | Electronica


If the glorious album artwork, which looks like the lovechild of Tron and Baywatch, gave you the impression that this album is the most 80s thing made since the 80s then you’d be damn right! The shimmering synths and shuddering drum fills certainly wouldn’t sound out of place in a John Hughes film. However this is more than just a bit of retro fun, it is a lush and enjoyable listen throughout. The performance and production is immaculate. Each warm echo of synthesizers builds up the songs to their full potential. It avoids the pitfall of most electronic music of being too clinical and emotionless, instead it takes a much loved style and gives it a new lease of life. Even though it is one of the most nostalgia driven albums ever made, the band still manage to bring something new and not just rehash old ideas. My personal highlight is ‘Fly For Your Life’ which pulls together all the album’s strengths (driving electronic rhythms, big dramatic drums, mesmerising synth arpeggios) but also boasts some gorgeous guest vocals and one of the single best music videos I have ever seen. The only issue with the album is that it is a one trick pony. It does said trick awfully well but it’s certainly not to everyone’s taste.