Album Review: Teen Daze – Morning World

teen dazeTeen Daze – Morning World

Indie Pop | Baroque Pop


Teen Daze, which serves a musical outlet for an individual apparently known simply as Jamison, is an unsurprisingly dreamy and atmospheric affair. The light, gentle vocals are trickled like honey over a lush orchestral backdrop. That’s all well and good for about the first three songs, unfortunately beyond that the album just gets plain boring. There simply isn’t enough going on to keep the listener interested. There are sparse offerings of synths and guitar but it doesn’t do much to flesh out the tracks. The lyrics certainly have their poetic moments and great flashes of imagery, but there’s no emotion behind them. It’s poetry for poetry’s sake and the delivery of it means that it just doesn’t affect you the way it should.

Each individual track is strong on their own and would fit excellently in a playlist (‘Pink’ being my personal highlight) but as an album it all just blends in to one. I’d recommend buying the album and keeping the songs apart. Listen to them alongside other music to give yourself the variety and light and shade that Morning World lacks whilst still enjoying the soothing music that Jamison has made.