Album Review: Foals – What Went Down

FoalsCoverFoals – What Went Down

Indie Rock | Alternative


The fourth album by this Oxford Indie band gets off to a good start. The title track sounds like ‘Inhaler’s bigger, more badass brother. It’s full of drama, it’s full of menace and it shows off the band at their heaviest. The good times keep on coming with ‘Mountain At My Gates’ being the album’s standout hit. The bright guitar riff, the upbeat bass line in the forefront, it’s all textbook Foals. Unfortunately from then on the album fails to maintain the quality. For an album that was built up to be better in every way than it’s predecessor ‘Holy Fire’, it all too often falls flat. Beyond the first two tracks it all gets a bit samey and lacks an edge. It’s not bad music by any means, it just doesn’t capture you attention the way the album’s hits do. ‘Snake Oil’, with it’s suitably snakelike bass line and subtle nods to T. Rex, is strategically positioned midway to try and distribute the album’s wealth but it’s not quite enough. Sadly it’s probably best to just pick out the aforementioned high points and move on.