Album Review: Rhodes – Wishes

rhodesRhodes – Wishes

Singer/Songwriter | Pop


I’ve been following Rhodes since what feels like day one, so his debut album is a long time coming. I’ve always felt he has great potential and now is the perfect time for him to make it big and follow in the footsteps of Sam Smith and James Bay. Personally I think he has a better voice than either. His vocals have an honest vulnerability to them which gives way to raw emotion during the chorus. It’s like a lion cub learning to roar and taking it’s first steps towards being king of the jungle. The sparse ethereal arrangements put him centre stage and he radiates far more confidence in himself than in his earlier EPs.

Things get off to a good start with the unimaginatively titled ‘Intro’ which is vastly more captivating than it’s dull name suggests. The haunting refrain of “I don’t wanna fade away / How am I gonna make you happy?” is a gorgeous way to start proceedings. The intro flows straight into ‘Close Your Eyes’, a flawless diamond of  piano balladry that is undoubtedly one of the best songs of the year. Wishes‘ other highlight, ‘Let It All Go’, comes in the form of a duet with fellow singer/songwriter Birdy. It is a match made in heaven as their voices sound as though they belong together. Sadly the rest of the album seems a bit formulaic, Rhodes has proven he can do ballads, for his next release he needs to step out of his comfort zone a little and explore new, more upbeat musical horizons.