Album Review: Cage the Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty

cage the elephantCage The Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty

Garage Rock


Cage the Elephant have returned and have used their growing influence to recruit Dan Auerbach as the album’s producer. His  involvement is certainly noticeable as he’s brought The Black Keys’ fuzzy blues sound with him. Somehow though combining two of the foremost garage bands has resulted in a much more relaxed album. Tell Me I’m Pretty is at times as self-deprecating as the name suggests. It has it’s fun moments, such as the T Rex groove of ‘That’s Right’, but more often than not slips into melancholy. They’ve played with these sorts of vibes before, but their previous albums have had a bit more gusto to distract the listener. The band have unfortunately taken a misstep here and created something quite uninviting. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with it, musically or lyrically, but it just fails to excite. They’ve sadly released something rather forgettable instead of living up to their full potential.