Album Review: Daughter – Not to Disappear

daughterDaughter – Not to Disappear

Indie Rock | Alternative


Not to Disappear has broken the curse of the second album and feels like a natural progression from their debut. The band’s sound has evolved, it actually sounds like a band now rather than Elena Tonra’s solo project. Musically there is so much going on, so much to marvel at: such as the slow build of the instrumental coda on ‘Fossa’ and the fuzzy guitars on ‘To Belong’. Though the subject matter of the songs is often bleak, the mesmerising music and Elena’s hypnotic vocals keep the album from sinking too deep into melancholy. It’s like being in the deepest depths of the ocean: although it’s cold and black and crushing, it’s full of life that’s simply dancing with colour.

Where this album falls down is in the lyrics. When you wade through the expansive sound and closer to the heart of the matter you find a few dodgy lines. ‘Doing the Right Thing’ for example features the words “we are made for reproduction” which unsurprisingly sounds awkward and out of place. The album as a whole reminds me of the museum scene in Ferris Bueller with the Pointillist painting. The closer you look the less you see, it’s only when you take a step back and try and take it all in that it starts to seem like a work of art.