Album Review: The Anchoress – Confessions of a Romance Novelist

The_Anchoress_-_Confessions_Of_A_Romance_NovelistThe Anchoress – Confessions of a Romance Novelist

Pop | Alternative


Welsh multi-instrumentalist Catherine Anne Davies is certainly a breath of fresh air. Confessions is a confident record that plays around with the preconceived ideals of pop music. She knows what she wants, and she sure as hell makes you sit up and pay attention. Her music is dark, droll and devilishly intelligent, whilst still being slick and catchy. The indie rock outing of ‘You and Only You’, which features Mansun frontman Paul Draper, is a ready made arena anthem. The feisty funk of ‘Chip on Your Shoulder’ injects a fair bit of fun, the title track is slow burning and passionate and album highlight ‘What Goes Around’ perfectly embodies the album as a whole; bold and bitchy but without straying too far from the big hit formula.

The album has plenty of great songs but there’s still room for improvement. There are a few filler tracks and the lyrics take a bizarre turn on ‘Popular’, which features lines like “I’m gonna stretch my mouth to get the big words out” and “gonna name my bastard children after children of the Russian Tsars”. But apart from those few missteps this is an intriguing debut from one of the most empowering women in new British music. With a bit more exposure this album could have been a game changer. The Anchoress could inspire a new generation of artists and help sway the direction of pop music. I may be dreaming big but there’s definitely something worth believing in here.