Album Review: Sunflower Bean – Human Ceremony

sunflower beanSunflower Bean – Human Ceremony

Indie Pop | Alternative


This New York band are off to a solid start. Each member of the power trio is working at full capacity to try and create the best music they can. Human Ceremony is complex and melodic with it’s best feature being the interplay of vocals from Julia Cumming and Nick Kivlen. The end result sounds like the unlikely lovechild of The Pixies and Fleetwood Mac, with the latter’s influence most evident on album highlight ‘Easier Said’. For about half the album the band have stockpiled a diverse range of big hits: ‘2013’ has a top notch bass line and a splash of surfer rock, ‘I Was Home’ and ‘Wall Watcher’ bring out the band’s heavy side which contrasts nicely with the simple understated ‘Oh, I Just Don’t Know’.

The other half of the album though fails to match up and contains a fair bit of filler. The hits are spread out enough to keep the album from going awry, but I feel like with some of the other songs they should have either attempted to create more hits or see just how far they could experiment. Instead the remaining tracks just live in limbo. Nevertheless it is a promising debut that, whilst not the most consistent of albums, contains some of the best songs of 2016 thus far. They are already making a name for themselves and with a bit of progression on their follow up we could be on to a winner.