Spotlight!: Scout Killers

scout killers

This Bath based band have a clear idea of who they want to be. With the Eddie Vedder-esque vocals of Scott Cox and the duelling guitar interplay of Julien Morrez and Beau Stevens, they were destined to create masterful, hard hitting alternative rock. Though for the most part they channel Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, they drift into heavy metal territory on ‘The Rains’, manage to blend indie rock with a hint of Tool on ‘Between the Lines’ and create great atmospheric build on ‘Honey’. They draw from all the right influences and certainly have the talent to go far. With each new release they edge closer to defining their sound and with new material ready to unleash it won’t be long until they are snapped up by a major label.

Scout Killers release their latest single ‘Rip Me Apart’ on 28th March and will be touring the UK in the beginning of April. Be sure to check them out!